The new year has arrived, and with it, a whole range of predictions on what will be the next big thing in food and drink. Here’s our round up on the top dining trends for 2018 and what to expect to see in London’s restaurants over the course of the year.

Because veganism is not just for January

If Google stats are anything to by (and they usually are), veganism is here to stay, with an incredible 90% increase in web searches from 2015-2016. With over half a million people in the UK now adopting a plant-based diet (up from 150,000 in 2006), we predict menus will to start reflecting meat as a side, rather than the ubiquitous main course.

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Avo great day!

We don’t expect avocados to disappear any time soon. With 7.1 million tagged images on Instagram alone, avocados are making their way from the breakfast table and into the art gallery.

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How would Sir or Madam like to pay? By cash or by face?

Expect to see facial recognition software playing a bigger role in customer experience. Whether it’s used to reward diners with exclusive offers and discounts, or to collect diner preferences, expect your face to be able to do a whole lot more very soon.

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Location, location, location


With Brexit looming ever closer, we predict an increasing amount of locally-sourced, home-grown produce to be gracing the plates of London’s finest restaurants this year.

For a country that imported £38.5 billion worth of food, feed and drink in 2015, Brexit fears around increased import costs, trade deals and supply chains could lead the way for a resurgence of high-quality, sustainable fare, the British way.

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Go east, young man, go east 

If poké was the surprise hit of 2017, Filipino cuisine is set to hit the mainstream in 2018. Look forward to ube, lumpia, sisig, longganisa and kare-kare coming to a high street near you.


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Mindful dining

Dining with a conscious isn’t just ethical, it makes good business sense too. From reducing waste levels, to the innovative use of leftovers and fundraising foodie events, a deeper awareness of the impact of dining on the environment and the world at large will always be in fashion.

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